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Can't open adf files

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by adriano korsu in ARIS Express posted on 2016-05-09

Hi, first of all I want to say thank you for usefull and easy(comfortably) program.

Well, I have problem: I can't open ".adf" files.

I made 2 projects.
Aris Express can open 1st project when I open it in "Recently used models" but I can't do it with my second file of second project - Aris Express shows starting page every time than I trying to open  ".adf" file of 2nd project by Aris Express.

I tried to drag files into open Aris Express but it is not works and cursor shows it anaviable.

Please, help

adriano korsu posted on 2016-05-09

I deleted "server" folder in Aris Express at documents on my win7 but it did not help  (it's recommended in one thread)

adriano korsu posted on 2016-05-09

It's 2 my files

adriano korsu posted on 2016-05-09

logs part 1

adriano korsu posted on 2016-05-09
Rune Becker posted on 2016-05-09

Dear Adriano,

Did you try to open your ADF file after renaming it without any Russian characters?


adriano korsu posted on 2016-05-09

Yes, I tried but it does not work. 

Also, I tried to make model without russian, but with 1 event on english. It does not opens too

Frank Weyand posted on 2016-05-09

I am able to oben both processes.

Drag drop does not work. Try this: just start express. In the main menu, select file -> open...

Choose one of the diagram and press ok.



adriano korsu posted on 2016-05-09

Yes, it working for me!

Thank you very much!

Aaaaand... my congratulations about Victory in Great World War II !!!

P.S.: u are really cool support team! Have a nice day!