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View EPC versions on ARIS Connect Portal for "Viewer" license

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by Ahmad Shuja in Professional ARIS posted on 2018-01-10


We have created versions of EPC models. We have a need to have our users with "Viewer" lics to be able to access these versions via ARIS Connect Portal. How are we able to get that access? I have Administrator license and am able to access repository and navigate through to the EPC and access "Show Versions" on the portal. However, users with "Viewer" licenses are not able to see the Repository option. How can they access previously baselined versions of these models?

Thanks for your help!

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Dominik Vanderhaeghen posted on 2018-01-11

Hi, it is currently not possible to give viewers access to other versions than the one which is currently published. In most cases, customers insist on showing only the approved version and not older ones to viewers. However, I have heard this requirement a few times before, please vote for it in out requirements roll-in tool "Brainstorm" (accessible via Thank you.

Ahmad Shuja posted on 2018-01-11

Here is the situation:

1. We have defined the business target operating model (BTOM) that is strategic (5+ years)

2. Then we created transitional BTOMs (1 year, 2 year and so on)

3. Once transition BTOMs have been approved, then need to be baselined so that all planning and execution may be performed to achieve the transitional state. We recognize that there will always be improvement opportunities. However, at some point when it is decided that we will achieve a certain transitional state, it needs to be frozen.

4. All other teams (including design / development teams) have "Viewer" lics and they need to have access to these baselined versions

5. It is a very critical requirement and will certainly impact my client in the form of reduced productivity

6. I will vote for it as well as you suggested