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ARIS Architect not work

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by Faris adel in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-08-11

Hi , 

after install ARIS 9 and try to enter to ARIS Architect , and put locahost server , and system user and manager password .
 but the error message is shown 

user 'system' has no license for using 'ARIS Designer or ARISArchitect'

what the solution ? 


Regards ,

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Faris adel posted on 2017-08-11

i solved this problem finally :D :D 
the solution is :
1 - enter to http://localhost:<your port>/umc

2 - enter to Licences on top of page

3- add licences here 

4-go to user management in top of page , add user or work in located user

5- click on user and select privileges

6-select all privilege in Granted 

7- go to Licenses privilege in the same page and select all as Granted 

I hope thats helps .

Rune Becker posted on 2017-08-11

Great that you solved it yourself. But isn't that procedure already described in the ARIS Server Installation and Administration Guide?