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How to create subprocesses

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by Ann-Marie Keller in ARIS Express posted on 2017-06-27

Hi everyone,


I want to create a subprocess in my BPMN Diagramm which expands when you click on the plus in the process. I have a very complex process thats why  I want to make subprocess to give a better overview.


Would appreciate it if anyone could help me out, thanks!

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Frank Weyand posted on 2017-06-27

Hi Ann-Marie,

if you place a sub process symbol, you can place your sub process within the sub process symbol. You can collapse the sub process via the context menu (right click) on the sub process symbol. Then, your sub process symbol will be collapsed, the content hidden. You will see the "+" sign on the symbol that can be clicked to expand it again.

You could have a look on our tutorial videos for BPMN support in Express:

Your Expess installation come with demo models for each model type. There is one BPMN process that describes a travel process. There is one sub process on the right side of the model, you can try this out there.