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Some Questions about ARIS Publisher

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by Mert Demirhan in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-03-06


I have two questions about ARIS Publisher.

Firstly, I want to publish our database as an automated task. Is it possible with a scheduled ARIS report or macro? Or a batch file has to be written?

Secondly, I created some reports to be used in Publisher. When i tried to apply a report for two functions at the same time, i realized that i couldn't select two objects together (multiple selection). Is there any way to run a report for two or more objects or models at the same time in Publisher?



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Robert Vajdik posted on 2017-03-07

Hello Mert,

Yes, it is. Here is answer for first question.
1) Install ARIS Client and go to folder: C:\SoftwareAG\ARIS_Client\tools\scriptrunner\
2) Create copy of scriptrunner.cfg.template to scriptrunner.cfg or use my configured attached file scriptrunnerBP.cfg
In this file is possible set Filter, Export DB..etc.
3) For export you can use std script Publisher\Publisher export with GUID:093fbcb0-9f00-11db-0e75-00123f5b7174 or I have customized version with logging.
4)Set std Windows Task Scheduler
Program/Script C:\SoftwareAG\ARIS_Client\tools\scriptrunner\scriptrunner.bat
Add arguments: scriptrunnerBP.cfg
Start in: C:\SoftwareAG\ARIS_Client\tools\scriptrunner\
See attached picture.

Normally I would recommend also schedule "backup script" and also "LDAP synchronization" for ARIS Designer/Connet Server.

Robert Vajdik posted on 2017-03-07

Hello Mert,

here is answer for second question:
In Publisher you cant do multiple selection. Its not like in ARIS Architect/Designer.
But you can star your script on one occurrence and ask if occurrence has connection to other occurrence in model (Like multiple selection). Or also you can use function FIND to select specified models. I could also improve your current script if is required.

Best regards, Robert

Martin Schröder posted on 2017-03-07

Hello Mert,

there are two ways to do this:

  1. a publisher export is a new instance of a design server model on the publisher server, normally you would do this only initially
  2. a publisher update updates content of an existing export, without changes to the export profile settings

Roberts step 3) refers to a full export,
whereas here is a complete tutorial for updating publisher by means of scriptrunner, originally for Aris 7.1 but in principle still valid for Aris 9.8.
Included is a report script for the updateExport() method and logging.

Aris 9.8.2 Help ( http:// yourserver /abs/help/en/handling/ba/index.htm#15997.htm ) on scriptrunner is a bit misleading (re: on a Aris client installation...), but nevertheless you can find the scriptrunner component on a Connect/Design server installation in C:\SoftwareAG\ARIS9.8\tools\scriptrunner\

Regards, Martin

Mert Demirhan posted on 2017-03-08

Robert and Martin,

Thank you for your time:)