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Cannot start local Server (ARIS10)

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by Benjamin Lietzau in University Relations posted on 2017-09-06

I installed ARIS 10.0, but i cannot start the software.

Pic of the error:

Error: The local server 'LOCAL' cannot be started. Ant start exited with 1

A reinstall did not help. What could be the problem?

System: Windows 10 Pro 64bit (Version 1703)

Have a nice day


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Ranjitha R Venkataramanan posted on 2017-09-06

Hello Banjamin,

If you want to use ARIS Architect with a local databse/local server, you need to change a radio button during the installation process. If the error “cannot connect to LOCAL server” appears, you missed to do so. Please re-install ARIS and ensure to install “ARIS with local standard database system”.



Benjamin Lietzau posted on 2017-09-06

The server is installed. Also the "ARIS LOCAL 10.0" service is running. 

I attached thel log file of the server. 

File attachments: 
Benjamin Lietzau posted on 2017-09-11

Any suggestions?

Rune Becker posted on 2017-09-11

Dear Benjamin,

Please check first whether the installation was successful. The corresponding log files are ARIS_Install.log and ARIS_Install_full.log located in folder %temp% (just paste %temp% in the address bar of Windows Explorer). If your temp folder has already been emptied, then look in folder %UserProfile%.