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ARIS 10 Webinar: How to drive your process transformation with ARIS Connect

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by Christina Heller in ARIS BPM Blog posted on 2017-10-25

Save the date for our upcoming ARIS 10 webinar on Thursday, 2. November 2017 at 4:00 pm (Europe Time) and learn How to drive your process transformation with ARIS Connect – your end-users will love it!

Companies must reinvent themselves all the time. The strong desire to grow and improve business, new laws and regulations - all these drivers require business and IT to adapt their way of working. ARIS Connect is a lightweight platform that helps drive process transformation through lightweight modeling, simple publishing to end-users and collaboration between stakeholders. You can roll out business processes and related documents either to the whole organization or to project people involved with the change.

In this session, our ARIS experts will give you a general overview of capabilities and their benefits as well as a demo on how to drive change with ARIS Connect, followed by a Q&A session.

You can register for free, every registrant will receive the recording of the webinar afterwards.


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Priya Sahu posted on 2017-10-25

Hi Christina,

I have clicked on the link to register for free webinar but I don't have event number to enter.

Kindly guide me to register for the webinar.

Thanks & Regards,

Priya Sahu

Rune Becker posted on 2017-10-25
Christina Heller posted on 2017-10-26

Hi Priya,

thanks for showing your interest in our webinar. The link should be working again.

Have a nice day,


Rayudu Addagarla posted on 2017-11-10


Is there a recording available

Christina Heller posted on 2017-11-14

HI Rayudu,

We recorded the webinar which you can watch here at your convenience with the password ARIS10live.