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by Ciro Montanino in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-02-22

Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded the ARIS Architect to the version 9.8.7 on one server and ARIS Business Publisher on another server.

Now, my problem is that I can't add a publisher server on ARIS Administration (see attachment).

Any help on how to overcome this would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards, Ciro Montanino.

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André Vitor Oliveira posted on 2017-02-22

Hi Ciro,

Please check the documentation "update cookbook" from DVD and there is a topic related to Publisher where you have to add some configuration, this is a know issue.



Ciro Montanino posted on 2017-02-23

Hi André,

thanks for your replay.

Unfortunately i have done all the steps of the document, but the problem is not solved.

Do you have any idea on how i can solve the issue?

Thanks in advance.



Thierry Caro posted on 2017-02-24

Hello I have almost the same problem, with the new ARIS 9.8 SR7.  The businesspublisher_m instance gets started (on MS-SQL). I can add the BP server in the list of publisher server with Architect, but I can't get any publishing.  It says "Unable to connect to the Publisher Server. Please contact your system administrator".  Problem created with Empower.


Tony Iliev posted on 2017-02-27


you may take a look at the external database system (Oracle, SQL) and the ARIS user that is connected to it. Check the ARIS user and its password, since it could be unable to reach the database's resources because of expired password or blocked user.

Best regards

Michael Schmitt posted on 2017-02-27


you may address the wrong port. If the BP is running on port 80 please use http://server-name:80.





Thierry Caro posted on 2017-02-28

Hello  Maybe this can help: I had some "Login Failed" messages and the SQL Login was curiously "Locked-out" in SQL after a fresh BP installation !  After re-allocating the SQL database (SQL Server 2008), and using a different name for the database and the Login, I succeeded to get the Publisher 98.7 active. 

Lessons learned: 1) the BP instance status "STARTED" does not mean that the SQL connection is fine, 2) the log should be examined for the problem's root causes. After running collectLogFile.bat (in support folder), open the and look into .../server/bin/work/work_businesspublisher_l/base/logs/system.out for meaningful error messages,  3) use "ACC reconfigure" to test new SQL parameters.

Hope it helps, Thierry. 

André Vitor Oliveira posted on 2017-03-03

Hi all,

Customer fixed this issue by Global Support..