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error while starting ARIS Express: "launcher.cfg"

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by Bilal Düzenli in ARIS Express posted on 2016-10-25


after last update of ARIS Express to version 2.4c I cannot launch ARIS Express. Following error is displayed: "Unable to find a JRE in the specified directory. Please repair the settings in launcher.cfg and try again".

Java 8 Update 111 is present on my computer. Uninstalling and installing of setup.exe was not helpful. File "launcher.cfg" ist not existing on installing path of ARIS Express.

Can help me someone?

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Frank Weyand posted on 2016-10-26


please uninstall and delete the installation folder completely before installing Express 2.4c,



Matthew Russell posted on 2017-02-08

How do I uninstall Aris Express and start all over with a fresh install? I have this installed on Windows 10 on a Mac (using Virtualbox). I've had the same error message and follow other instructions on the forum which has not worked and I'd like to start fresh.

Matthew Russell posted on 2017-02-08

The uninstall on a Windows 10 OS seems to leave a number of Aris folders and files behind - something very common with Windows. How do I remove everything safely?

Fredrik Wiik posted on 2016-10-27


I get the same error message and even if I delete the installation folder and reinstall I get the error message again. I am trying to run it on a Mac Pro computer with Parallells and Windows 10. Installing the Microsoft version of Aris Express.



Bilal Düzenli posted on 2016-10-27


i have already uninstalled and deleted all aris-folders before installing Express 2.4c. But its still not working. I have no idea how to fix it.

I hope someone can help pls.




Frank Weyand posted on 2016-10-27

Hi Bilal,

you state that the message about a missing JRE is shown.

The system-wide installed JRE is not important, JRE (windows version) brings its own JRE.

It should be located in <installation folder>ARIS Express\client\jre, so there should be subfolders containing (bin and lib). Is that that case on your computer after installing?

Do you try to install on a remote directory?



Bilal Düzenli posted on 2016-10-27

Hi Frank,

enclosed you find the screenshots of the installation folder. It contains all subfolder.

What do you mean with installing on a remote directory? I have just a local installation.

Regarding the error message something has to be wrong with the launcher file.



Dennis van Enckevort posted on 2016-10-28

The same here, today installed a clean Win 10, so for sure there are no registry problems etc.

Frank Weyand posted on 2016-10-28

Hi Bilal,

actually, the launcher.cfg should not be needed. Your installation seems to be ok...

You can try to place a file named "launcher.cfg" in the folder "<installation folder>\client\config" with the following content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    AutomaticMemoryManagement="true" />



Bilal Düzenli posted on 2016-11-02

Hi Frank,

have done as described but it doesnt help.



Falk Fasshauer posted on 2016-11-11

So have I.

It doesn't help ...

Florian HOUEL posted on 2016-11-14

Hello, I'm afraid I have the same error message, clean first-time installation on Windows 10.



Jose Monagas posted on 2016-11-21

I have found a solution. 

Execute the file C:\Program Files\ARIS Express\client\lib\express.jnlp

After executing the file, a new application exe file will be generated. Install it in your desktop and use it to run the program.

You can email me at for further assistance

Matthew Russell posted on 2017-02-08

Hello Jose, I don't seem to have a file called 'express.jnlp in the location you've named. Where is this file? And by exexcute, do you mean 'click to open'?

Akhmet Akhmetov posted on 2016-12-23

Thank You Jose Monages!


It works fine

Matthew Russell posted on 2017-02-08

I did not try Frank's solution as it doesn't seem to work for anyone and I also tried to launch the Express file which also did not work. I'm still unable to use Aris Express since upgrading.

Cee Dee posted on 2017-04-10

Thank you, Jose!!!

I started express and then expresslauncher and a new shortcut on the desktop (win10) was created automatic.

Thies S. posted on 2017-04-18


I faced the same problem recently, with almost the same setup: Win10 VM in Virtual Box on a Mac Sierra (10.12.4).

The current Java Version and Aris express have been downloaded and installed, but I didn't get it running. I found out that in the System panal "Java" in security tab the option "Java in Browser" (or similiar in English) had to been enabled (disabled by default).

After that, execute

jawas "C:\Program Files\ARIS Express\client\lib\express.jnlp

in the command program. It'll run afterwards (with a new Desktop icon).


Victor Victor posted on 2017-05-01

Я выполнил рекомендацию - "Jose Monagas posted on 2016-11-21

I have found a solution.

Execute the file C:\Program Files\ARIS Express\client\lib\express.jnlp

After executing the file, a new application exe file will be generated. Install it in your desktop and use it to run the program."

а после осуществил запуск ARIS Express от имени администратора и проблема устранилась

Jack Brooks posted on 2017-05-02

I have tried the above suggestions with no success. I am running Windows 10. I love Aris Express, but starting to think I'll have to find a new tool. Can someone help with how to fix? Would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to learn a new tool and have to migrate all my docs. Thanks!!!