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User Management – How to create users in ARIS

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by Eva Klein in Professional ARIS posted on 2011-03-22

In ARIS, you must create a user for every employee which should have access to the ARIS repository.

To create a user in ARIS, follow these steps.

  1. Open the module Administration by clicking on the corresponding icon in the module bar and log in to the database.

    the Administration module

  2. Right-click on the User folder and select New/User.

    Select user folder

  3. A wizard dialog opens. Follow the steps in the wizard.

First of all you must insert User name, Full name, …. If you have filled in all fields select Next.

Create user wizard

You can assign the user to the groups of your database in the second step.

Assign the user to the groups of your database

Then you can assign identifiers to the user.  By assigning a prefix you can identify the users or user groups that have created database items. Prefixes in combination with a sequential number are assigned as identifiers and specified for the Identifier attribute. Each user has a prefix. If no individual prefix has been explicitly assigned to users, the standard database prefix is assigned automatically.

Assign identifiers to the user

In the next step you assign your new user privileges. The user in the example is assigned the “Database management” privilege and has the privilege “Change management” assigned via a group. The user now has the privilege to edit database attributes and create, modify, and delete languages.

Assign your new user privileges

Then you can assign method filters to your new user. The default filter of the database is automatically assigned to the new user, as well as the group filters.

Assign method filters to your new user

In the last step, you can review the settings of the new user and confirm them by clicking the Finish button. The new user is added.

You can change the assigned function privileges, filters and user group associations at any time by editing the now existing user.

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Luise Bashford posted on 2011-08-08

How long does it take after creating a user for that user to be able to log in? Is it instant?

Eva Klein posted on 2011-08-08

The user should be able to log in right away after the account has been created.

Luise Bashford posted on 2011-08-08

Any idea why mine can't?

Eva Klein posted on 2011-08-08

Did you get an error message?

Luise Bashford posted on 2011-08-08

Do I need to asign a license to the user? How do I do that from the admin module?

Michal Franc posted on 2011-08-08

Licences are for installation in workstation, not for accounts in ARIS

Luise Bashford posted on 2011-08-08

OK I have no error message when creating the user. But I can't use the new account to log on to Business Publisher.

Paul Smekens posted on 2015-02-19

I am looking how to define the prefix (identifier) for user groups in ARIS 9. I find how to do it at datbase level and at user level; however, not at the level of user groups.

Can anyone help me out?



Pedro Pereira posted on 2015-05-19


I can't create/define new user Identifiers (prefix) can you please tell me the way?



Barbara Jaeger posted on 2016-05-12

I can not create a new user group in ARIS 9.6.

Can help me?

Rune Becker posted on 2016-05-19

Dear Barbara,

It's unlikely that many people would read your reply on this 5 years old post.

First that post was about ARIS 7, and you are asking about ARIS 9.6. That's not comparable. Particularly the user management has been totally redesigned in ARIS 9.

I suggest to either create a new post about your issue and provide much more details of what you have tried and where you failed, or you create a support ticket.

The latter option seems to me the better choice for your case, because when a certain feature isn't working at all, we need to sort out the issues's root cause, here e.g. missing/expired license keys, insufficient privileges etc.