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by Eva Klein in ARIS BPM Blog posted on 2013-10-03
I hope you have missed us in the last two days :). Now we are back with a new layout and some new topics and functionalities.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case you need more information, want to give feedback or ask questions on ARIS Community features. For this purpose we have created the ARIS Community Support forum.
For a better understanding of the new handling I will write some posts for you which describe in detail how to work with the new community:
NOTE: We have a new profile field which lets you decide whether all other ARIS Community Members, who view your profile, can see your email address or not. If you would like to give the other ARIS Community members the possibility to contact you via email, please set the profile field “View your email address” on the Privacy Settings page to “Community members”. 


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Dave Butcher posted on 2013-10-04

Look and feel is a lot better, but I haven't been able to access since 29th Sept?



Eva Klein posted on 2013-10-04

I am pleased that you like the new look and feel and it is due to this new look and feel that our community was down since Sept, 30th until yesterday.

Sebastian Stein posted on 2013-10-04

My personal congrats to the team in Saarbrücken and Berlin making this happen. I know it was a long endeavor to make this happen, but I think the results are really remarkable. Keep up the site and the honest spirit of the site!

Ivo Velitchkov posted on 2013-10-05

Nice indeed. 

Is there a way to choose the number of entries per page? Now there are 10. I would rather go 20 or 50, as I prefer to quickly scroll and scan them, to loading a new page. 

Sylvain Go posted on 2013-10-06

Thanks for this relooking work. But indeed, the website outage during migration -several days- may surprise. In most serious industries, who stand for 2 days of total website shutdown ? Maybe a real GRC question !

Best regards, see you soon in Aris9 world,


Eva Klein posted on 2013-12-04

Thank you for your positive feedback.

@ Sebastian: We have just finished what you have started with us ;-)!

@ Ivo: I will increase the number of posts per page to 15, maybe 20 depending on how it looks.

@ Sylvain: Yes, you are right, three days are a long time, but we needed this time to deliver the best possible result to our users.


Zach Bennett posted on 2013-10-15

The new User Community Site looks great - what an improvement!  The modern look makes a big difference......

Eva Klein posted on 2013-10-15

Thank you very much for your comment! I am glad to hear that you are statisfied with our new community design. 

Knut Harms posted on 2013-10-16

Die neue Seite sieht gut aus - sehr modern. Was ich mir wünschen würde ist, dass man wieder sieht, wie viele einen Beitrag bereits gelesen haben. Ich fand das immer sehr interessant.

Herzlichen Gruß


Eva Klein posted on 2013-10-17

Hallo Knut,

danke für dein Feedback. Ich werde versuchen die Zahl der Views pro Post wieder einzubauen, da es doch eine sehr interessante Kennzahl ist.

Viele Grüße

Knut Harms posted on 2013-10-17

Das freut mich.

HG Knut


Martin Schröder posted on 2013-10-23

Why is it that these days a "fancy look" means grey font-colors? I always believed in good ol' black on white.

Please do not drive away "silver surfers" above a certain age who now squint at their high contrast LED screens only because your style sheet gives them low contrast. Further Reading

re: tags

Is tagging of posts no longer possible?

re: profile

There is a setting as to who can see my contacts. But where are my contacts? Cannot see them myself.

Please tell me that your changing the community is still work in progress.

Regards, Martin 8-))

Indrajit Datta Chaudhuri posted on 2013-10-24

Very Impressive!!

Eva Klein posted on 2015-05-13

Today, we published the new feature "Add tags to your “Favorites". Please check it out and feel free to give us some feedback.