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Access Privileges not carried over

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by Faz Zaman in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-02-22

I have set up access privileges (RWD) in ARIS Architect, however when I set groups/ sub-groups as (RW-) I still have the ability to delete objects and models in ARIS Connect Designer. Read (R--) access works correctly?

Is this a bug or am I missing a step?



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André Vitor Oliveira posted on 2017-02-22

Hi Faz,

The user must be a single user and also his user group have to use only (RW-) or (R--) privileges, if the user group has (RWD) then will delete even the user has (RW-). Check the Privileges again and also let me know which privileges this user and user group is configured from Architect and also from UMC.



Faz Zaman posted on 2017-02-23

Hi Andre,

All my users are aligned to a user group. Users/ User groups i created in UMC. The access privileges for user groups I assigned in Architect administration module. The user-group has RW privileges but in design connect I can still delete even when I log in.

Rune Becker posted on 2017-02-23

Did you also check via ARIS Administration/User management/<your user group>/privileges/Database privileges?

Faz Zaman posted on 2017-02-23

I will check this and confirm within UMC, thanks Rune!