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Express update for Windows 10, creators update

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by Frank Weyand in ARIS Express posted on 2017-06-28

Hi, dear ARIS Express users,

we will release an update of ARIS Express soon, which will have the version 2.4d, then.

Some users of software running on the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) had problems starting these tools, in case their Windows 10 system had been updated to the so called 'creators update'.

The new version of Express contains a fix for a possible incompatibility.

We only heard from one user having this problem... however, in some forums (and on the Microsoft homepage), there are many complains about Java applications that do not start anymore.

PLEASE NOTE: this is just a technical update without new functionality. You do not need to update your local installation, if you do not face any problems in starting Express under Windows 10.
In that case, if you want to get rid of this update message, you can switch it off by deactivating the option on the lower left side of this dialog.



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Frank Weyand posted on 2017-06-29


as mentioned, Express 2.4d is online.

If you are facing problems starting Express in Windows 10, you can update to this version.

Please note that you need to uninstall the old version first, if you need this update.



Frank Hirschi posted on 2017-07-07

Dear Mr Weyand,

yesterday I installed ARIS Express for the first time on my Windows 10 system and faced a problem similar to the above mentioned problem, although I used the new version.

ARIS won't even start in my case.

I tried it with Windows 10 Pro (v 1703) and also with Windows 10 Home (v 1607).

Thank you for your efforts.


Vadim Semyonov posted on 2017-10-25

Confirm Windows 10 Home issue. Nothing helps...

Look forward for update. Thanx.