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after upgrade to ARIS 9.8 SR6, the report does not differentiate symbol names

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by Firas Saifan in Reports & Macros posted on 2016-12-14


we have upgraded to ARIS 9.8 SR6, however the report we have started pulling the objects of same type regardless of the Symbol name so in the function list it mentions controls and interfaces while the report code clearly mentions not to get those symbols, the below line was working perfectly on previous release, so it filters and make sure only Functions not with Symbol name processes interface nor control is retrieved 

if  (Fnctype != "Process interface" && Fnctype != "Control") 

after the problem i went to ARIS>Options> and changed to  user TYPE and SYMBOL name, but still the same, check below.

so is there anything changed in this SR6, what shall i do?

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Firas Saifan posted on 2016-12-14

by the way, 

below si the complete code line to call the functions


var FncPobj   = ArisData.sort(SOP[0].ObjOccListFilter(22),Constants.AT_PROC_CODE,nLoc);
                                       if (FncPobj.length > 0 )
                                           for (var i = 0 ; i < FncPobj.length ; i++) 
                                               var Fnctype      = FncPobj[i].SymbolName();
                                               var FnctypeD     = FncPobj[i].ObjDef().Attribute(Constants.AT_DESC,nLoc).getValue();
                                               var FnctypeR     = FncPobj[i].ObjDef().Attribute(Constants.AT_REM,nLoc).getValue();
                                               var FnctypeN    = FncPobj[i].ObjDef().Attribute(Constants.AT_NAME,nLoc).getValue();
                                               var StepIDv      = FncPobj[i].ObjDef().Attribute(Constants.AT_PROC_CODE,nLoc).getValue().toString();
                                               var FUNCPROCTIME = FncPobj[i].ObjDef().Attribute(Constants.AT_TIME_AVG_PRCS,nLoc).getValue().toString(); 
                                               var FUNCWAITTIME = FncPobj[i].ObjDef().Attribute(Constants.AT_TIME_AVG_WAIT,nLoc).getValue().toString(); 
                                               if  (Fnctype != "Process interface" && Fnctype != "Control") 

Robert Goldenbaum posted on 2016-12-14


you could try to call the symbolnum instead...   94 for the process interface and for the control, check the admin tab...

But otherwise I would rate this as a bug and open a call with SAG. And the option you have changed will only change things shown in the architect/designer. You cannot change things for the script code like this.

BR Robert

Firas Saifan posted on 2016-12-17

thanks RObet,

issue closed, i call it by NUM and it worked! it seems the new release has not SYBMOL NAME or that SYBMOL names has changed