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Web Export, Attributes

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by Gilbert von Holt in ARIS Express posted on 2009-08-03




congratulations on the new product. It is designed very well and easy to use.

I want to use ARIS Express to design a process map/ process manual which can be accessed online and worked with by all our employees. Here I am missing the web export with working links between different processes, the possibility to read the attributes/ description when clicking on the symbols and a zoom function.

The possibility to have more than one linked worksheets/ models in one file rather than having to save one file for each model would help to organise a process manual and to keep a better overview.

Another helpful features would be the possibility to customise the attributes (add or delete attributes/ change attributes names), which I could not find in the Beta Version.

Thank you very much




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Frank Weyand posted on 2009-08-03

Hi Gilbert,

Express does not provide the re-usage of data, since it does not have a repository.

Wouldn't be the BusinessPublisher the right solution for you?



Gilbert von Holt posted on 2009-08-03

Hi Frank

Of course re-usage of data would be fantastic and I do understand that that is not part of Express.

Nevertheless a web export, more than one model in one file (similar to worksheets in EXCEL) and customiseable properties would not require repository.



Frank Weyand posted on 2009-08-03

Hi Gilbert,

for the use case described our customers use the ARIS Business Publisher. The content to be published can be modeled in ARIS Business Designer/Architect and exported to the ARIS Business Publisher Server. Here, users can, according to their access rights, browse the exported content just by using a browser.

In this scenario, you also can rename existing attribute types our create your own ones.

You see, we provide such a solution... but not in Express, which is kind of a "BPM starters set".