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?: Selling the Benefits of BPM to your Employees and Officers

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by Haden McAfee in Professional ARIS posted on 2016-09-28

I am currently working on a team to develop an implementation plan for the Business Process Mapping Project at my company.  We have never had a comprehensive model for the company and its processes, and will be needing to work with many employees and supervisors to record the needed information and analyze it for potential improvements.  From a technical standpoint and a decision-making standpoint, everything is looking great.

One point that we had not considered was how to ensure people across our organization are willing to embrace this new management mindset.  While utilizing BPM makes absolute sense for the business as a whole,we are trying to ensure each department head understands the benefits to their organization, and that we can gain the support to universally implement the mapping project.

For anyone who has gone through the process of utilizing BPM and ARIS to record and improve their processes, could you please tell me some of the benefits your employees have experienced as a result of utilizing ARIS?  Do you have any examples of people who resisted the change but came around to see value in using ARIS?



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Alexander Cherednichenko posted on 2016-09-29

All written below is IMHO.
You know it is probably some marketing trick just to say that you should sell some benefits inside your company. It is very simple question – why should you do it? BPM is not a religion to ‘sell’ it , it is just a management tool that couldn’t be liked by operation layer management a-priory. If you will look on BPM like on management tool, you will see just a few functions that it makes. And first of all BPM functions just transfer (transform and so on) decisions from strategy management layer to operational management layer and makes them work. And BPM should help to do it quick and efficient. And it is does not matter what your employees think about this. More of this, you shouldn’t sell ’em anything. I do not talk about some hard changes approaches, I am on the side of smooth and ecological change methods. Of course you should explain to your employees what are you doing during BPM project, but never try to sell it, because operational management/employees layer will always resist to any changes (it is not because they are bad, but because it is their nature).
Good luck!

Regards, Alexander

Rune Becker posted on 2016-09-29

Dear Haden,

Why don't you invite your stakeholders to invest an hour into the e-learning course What is BPM?. They will understand the benefits for sure by listening, watching and some interactive parts of that course.

More about BPM/BPA and why ARIS should be used you may find on


Haden McAfee posted on 2016-10-03

Thanks for the feedback, I agree.