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ARIS Business Publisher - export to HTML problem

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by Jacek Domon in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-12-05

Hi Community,

I am experiencing a problem with export to HTML with ARIS Business Publisher (ARIS 7.2) .

When trying to export a large model using "Export to HTML" mechanism the connection to server is being lost repeatedly.
Model size in Y-dimension is close to ARIS known limit (but still below 50000 points).

I assume, there might be not enough memory available for the Publisher process to generate the image of the model. But server seems to have sufficient amount of RAM available.

Is there any way to avoid this error? Maybe some server-side setting for max file size?

Best regards,

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Tricarico Romain posted on 2017-12-05

Hi Jacek,

We developed a specific script to generate an html web site from Aris Database.

You can see a presentation here :

You can test an example (in a older version) here :

If you are interesting in, do not hesitate to send me an email.

Best Regards.

Romain Tricarico

Jacek Domon posted on 2017-12-15

Thank you Romain.
Aside from this, I have figured out, what caused the problem. And it was not the in the size of the model.
Before export, I have added some new user-defined attributes to the local database. Then contents of that database were exported to xml and then imported to the other database on ARIS Server.

In this case, I should probably first try to create a proper filter on the local server (that would include all the new user-defined attributes). Then import filter to the ARIS Server. Next step is to import data from local database. And since then, export should work fine.