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Error while creating Publisher Export

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by Jayshree Asutkar in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-07-21

I am trying to create publisher export of the aris database, but getting the error attached below. 

Please help.

- Original request query: /businesspublisher/remoting/bpDataTransfer/writeChunkTerminated
IT_15d63dde7b5_SEVERE  2017-07-21T12:07:53,461 Enterprise ProcessWeb: Rollback export triggered from external
- Original request query: /businesspublisher/remoting/bpDataTransfer/rollBackExport
IT_15d63ddeaf1_WARNING  2017-07-21T12:07:54,289 Enterprise ProcessWeb: rollback export
- Original request query: /businesspublisher/remoting/bpDataTransfer/rollBackExport
IT_15d63ddeaf1_WARNING  2017-07-21T12:07:54,289 Enterprise ProcessWeb: SQLException in ABPExportNew::rollbackExport; message: PooledConnection has already been closed.
- Original request query: /businesspublisher/remoting/bpDataTransfer/rollBackExport



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Rune Becker posted on 2017-07-21

Dear Jayshree,

It's difficult for the community members to help you on a technical issue, because such problems require a closer look into the installation, its configuration, the log files at the time of the occurred issue, your ARIS database for inspecting any data inconsistency, and in case of Publisher in most cases also the configuration of the underlying DBMS.

All that can't be handled here. And since ARIS 7.x reached End of Maintenance (EOM) a long time ago, you could only support from Software AG if you have purchased Extended Maintenance (EME).

I am sorry for you, but here in the forums you could only expect generic hints and tips, unless someone is willing to go help you to go through all of the above.


Jayshree Asutkar posted on 2017-07-21

Dear Rune,

First of all i would like to say we are using ARIS 9.6, and we are planning to move it to ARIS 9.8.

I am not here to entertain any one by posting such kind of queries.

I have got the solution for the problem, its because of the Memory storage of the oracle DB got almost full.

We have cleared some space and now its working fine.

Thanks for showing your interest.