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Models automatically link?

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by Julie Grace in Administration & User Management posted on 2018-01-12


Our process of publishing is we merge models to the publishing database. I just noticed today that when I released this process level, it seems that it was automatically link to the old floating models on the publishing database. I need to clean that up but I wanna make sure that this really happens? As per checked they were created on the designing DB at the same time but the assignment models were wrongly published long time ago and this process level was left unreleased until today.


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Martin Schröder posted on 2018-01-12

Hello Julie,

if you merge interactively check the merge options dialog for "Synchronize assignments" (cf. help on http:/ /< your server >/abs/help/en/handling/ba/index.htm#58899.htm). Then it should delete assignments to models in the target db, which no longer exist in the source db

But I recommend to test it first, because according to the Aris release notes of December 2017 this option failed, when used by report scripts, and was only fixed in release 9.8.8

Regards, Martin