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Specific Model types are not getting published (9.8 SR8)

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by Jibin George Mathews in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-08-12

Hi all ,

We recently updated to 9.8 SR 8 from 9.8 SR1 .

1) We are keen to use the new CXM modeltypes (rolledout from SR2). Although we are able to model ,save and view them in the designer in the backend, these models are not getting published in the publisher. The privileges are all okay.

We tried with 4 of the new models - customer journey map , customer touchpoint map, customer touchpoint allocation diagram , journey landscape none of them are being exported to the publisher. Have you faced a similar issue wherein specific modeltypes are not being published ? I am able to create another modeltype in the same folder and publish it. There is no filter restriction as well.

2) Can you please also explain what is the purpose of  'arisservice' and 'guest' users? just noticed that these became available in the UMC after the update.

Thanks in advance.


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Peter Drozda posted on 2017-08-16

Hi Jibin,

The model types you mention should be supported by Publisher. We just tested them and it seems they are published fine. Maybe you should check the filter you are using to log in to Publisher. Filter is a part of export profile as it is assigned to usergroup. Maybe the new model types are not allowed in the filter you assigned and used for login.



Jibin George Mathews posted on 2017-08-16

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply and for testing it out.

We login using entire method and we have entire method assigned to the viewer usergroup which is exported in the export profile. I am able to view many other modeltypes when i try but not these new CXM model types.

Also , Is it possible that this error might occur if the publisher server was somehow incorrectly updated to SR 8 ?(we installed business publisher from scratch after trying twice unsuccessfully to update to SR8 from SR1) 



Peter Drozda posted on 2017-08-17

Hi Jibin,

the support for the models you mentioned in Publisher is kind of implicit. There is no special handling for such model types implemented. As long as they are transferred from ABS, are in the group with access rights and are accessed by correct method filter, they should be visible. Publisher shares the same library for displaying of models which is used by ABS to render graphics in the reports so basically the implementation for model rendering is shared. Other than that, no other support for those models was explicitelly added, so if it works on our side, it should work also for you.

What exactly is the effect you have? Can you see the model in the tree in the Publisher? Are you able to click it? What happens when you try to open it? Are the models in the same group as other models which are displayed correctly? Are those models somehow larger? E.g. could it be, that you are hitting memory limits of your Publisher installation?

Jibin George Mathews posted on 2017-08-17

Hi Peter ,

Thanks for your very detailed reply and explanation.

Unfortunately, I am not able to see it in the publisher at all (even in the tree). Tested with a new folder with many model types including these 4 (all modelled in entire method). While the other modeltypes were getting published , these were not. There is no memory constraint on the publisher server and installation as well.

Will do some more extensive check on this.