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Model Template not rendering during HTML Export

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by John Natisin in Reports & Macros posted on 2017-02-16

Dear All

Does anyone know if ARIS 98 supports the HTML Export of a custom Template?  Our scenario is that we have developed a Template which has been applied to all models.  When the standard HTML export report is executed, the design elements of the template ( for example background color, line weight) do not transition to the HTML export.  Modifying the HTML files, CCS, JS, isn't a viable option, ie I don't want to maintain html tags such as body bgcolor etc every time an HTML Export is generated.  Fragments do render.

Any insight is appreciated.

Best Regards,


Tony Iliev posted on 2017-02-27

Dear John,

ARIS 98 HTML would carry the template, applied to the models in scope. I made one recently and the customized template remain present in the HTML export. Could you provide some screenshots how the models are looking in the Architect and how they look in the HTML export?

Best Regards