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ARIS 9.6 out now!

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by Josèphe Blondaut in ARIS BPM Blog posted on 2014-04-22

ARIS 9.6 features enhancements and new functionalities around ARIS Business Process Analysis, ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance, as well as supporting ARIS tools and specific extension packs.

Some highlights of the release:

  • Enhanced analysis and spreadsheets
  • Enhanced import of Visio
  • BPMN 2.0 simulation
  • ARIS / Alfabet integration
  • Enhanced risk and survey management
  • Support of regulatory change management
  • Enhanced user management handling in ARIS Architect
  • Enhanced supporting ARIS Server functionalities, e.g. regarding passwords and user and usage statistics

Take a look at the attached document for more details about ARIS 9.6.

The next release ARIS 9.7 is planned for Q4 2014.


Muhammad Muhammad posted on 2014-04-24

Can we get a list of the bug fixes please...

Josèphe Blondaut posted on 2014-05-07

here you go!



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Jeana Catempo posted on 2014-05-15

Hi Josephe,


Just asking, what is the difference between ARIS 9.6 with ARIS Express Professional (Full Version) ?





M. Zschuckelt posted on 2014-05-15

Hi Jeana,

see the following link to give you a feature overview of the main ARIS product lines, without going into the details of the imrovements between ARIS versions 9.0, 9.5 and 9.6:

Regards, M. Zschuckelt

Jeana Catempo posted on 2014-05-22

Thanks for the reply.... Just asking if how much the cost of ARIS 9.6?

Tanguy Petre posted on 2014-05-20

Thanks for this new release and it solved an issue with occurence and definition level in ARIS Connect Steps view.

As of version 9.6, the right hand window for every activity is now showing relationship on occurence level and not definition levels. This is much better for the intended audience of the Steps view on process.



M. Zschuckelt posted on 2014-05-30

Hi Jeana,

assuming you are located in that region, please enquire at the Sales Office in Bahrain for a quote:

It depends on your requirements, no. of power users, designers, viewers, administrators and the exact products and product extensions that meet your requirements best. As you can see it takes some counsel from a sales person to find out, what is the right scenario for your needs. And before you are able to answer all those questions, you probably want to get a demo in order to get an idea of the potential that is in it.


M. Zschuckelt