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WYSIWYG Report - Attributes and Connected Objects to a Function (Task)

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by Seb K in Reports & Macros posted on 2017-10-05


I am new to ARIS reporting and struggling to create a report using the WYSIWYG editor.

Basically we have created process models using the Enterprise BPMN Collaboration Diagram models and supplemented them with FAD models for addition information (systems, input / outputs docs, policies etc.). 

I want to create a report that I can run against a process model that outputs all the functions (tasks) from that model with some attributes (task type, description/definition) and the supporting information such as system used to support the task, if any policies are linked etc. from the FAD.

I can create the report to output all functions and any attributes but I am struggling to get the supporting information that is sitting in FAD's. Note that not all functions have an FAD associated with it, not sure if this causes an issue or not.

Looking for some help to:

1) work out if this report is possible using the WYSIWYG editor

2) any ideas how I would do this?

Thanks in advance!!

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Martin Schröder posted on 2017-10-09

Hello Seb,

I rarely use the WYSIWYG report editor myself, but it should be possible to get the connected objects.

An example in the WYSIWYG tutorial series shows how to evaluate who executes a function (s. answer by Eva Klein posted on 2011-07-20, the solution is in the image).

A common pitfall in Aris scripting is to query only object occurrences of a model, but in order to evaluate an object's connections you would need a reference to the object definition and use the method

selected models.object definitions (filterable by type).connection list (filterable)

which gives you access to the connection type (supported by) and the connected object definition (system) which occurs in the FAD.

AFAIK the standard report "create process manual" gives the same output, but it can only be read in the script code editor.

Regards, Martin

Seb K posted on 2017-10-10

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your help.

I am able to retrieve the required data from the report, however it is presented in a strange manner.

I want to export to Excel and have the task (function) in the left column and then role, application, policy etc. linked to the task in adjacent columns to the right (see below). Obviously if there is no application, policy etc. the field would be blank.

Task                 Role                     Application                 Policy

   1           Business Analyst          Application 1               Policy X

   2           Business Analyst          Application 2                    -

But it presents the data like in the attached image, where the task is listed multiple times vertically in the left column depending on the number of objects connected to the task (function). I have attached the WYSIWYG structure I have in place.

For the "For all: Selected models.Object definitions (filterable by type)" query I have two elements in the static data area "For all: Selected models.Object definitions (filterable by type). Connection list (filterable)" filtered on the role (carries out) and application (supported by) to filter on the role and application for this example.

Also the tasks are all in the same model but the table header is repeated between the tasks.

I have used dummy data in the attached images.

Help from anyone would be great.



Martin Schröder posted on 2017-10-10

Hello Seb,

well, the WYSIWYG report editor is limited, that's why I use it rarely.

re. table header: Please check the data table properties > format (right click in the structure column) > header, option repeat.

But, what you are aiming at is a variant of the standard reports

  • "Output model information considering various aspects" (executable on all model types,
    help page: http:// yourarisserver /abs/help/en/handling/ba/index.htm#12261.htm ) or
  • "Generate job description" (for EPC and FAD, but not yet BPMN collab.,
    help page: http:// yourarisserver /abs/help/en/handling/ba/index.htm#12275.htm )

which already offer output to excel. So you might be better off customizing one of these scripts to your needs, even though this means coding javascript.

Regards, Martin

Seb K posted on 2017-10-11

Thanks Martin, appreciate it!