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by Marco Andreani in ARIS in practice posted on 2017-07-21


I've just started using ARIS for Business Process Modeling and I have a problem with EPC model: ARIS won't let me connect a Document Object with an Event or a Process Interface, which is a problem for me.

Is there a method to overcome this odd?Is it just a matter of setting for the Document Object itself? if so, where can I modify that? Have I to modify settings of the entire model? how?

Thank you for your help!

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Edmund Tan posted on 2017-07-21

Events are a expression of status changes within an EPC process model. You may wish to consider your modeling style to express the document object as either an input or an output of a proceeding function.

Marco Andreani posted on 2017-07-24

Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately I really need to create that kind of connection, between Document and Event, Document and Process Interface, Document and Document, and I don't know how.

M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-07-24

1. Consider, if the EPC is the right model type to make the connection from document to document. The EPC is typically focused on the process steps, which carry more or less "satellite" objects connected to them. If you want to model relationships between documents, another model type might be more adequate. Keep models small and simple for the reader. Most of the time they are human.

2. Have you checked, which method filter you are using for your database? The method filter is THE tool to configure your modelling method. It defines which connection types are available between which symbols in which model types, which attributes are available for each connection type, object type, and model type, and more. Before any modelling effort:

  • Define the goals of your modelling,
  • decide on the concepts and their relations that are relevant to your model
  • then, map the concepts to ARIS symbols and connection types, invent new symbols if deemed useful to differentiate similar concepts (ARIS has already got plenty of symbol types per object type, but sometimes you find another concept to model)
  • Identify, which ARIS model types can depict those relationships together
  • find owners for each model type, so the model type should be suitable for the owner's area of responsibility
  • candidates for owners are the stakeholders, that formulated the goals of modelling (see above)
  • LAST but not least create the method filter, that suits your needs.
  • if necessary, adapt the standard method with elements not provided out-of-the-box
Marco Andreani posted on 2017-07-24

Thank you very much M. Zschuckelt, your tips has been really useful. I have now created a completely new Model Type that suits my needs the best.

M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-07-24

Also a good tool: Instead of creating a model type "from scratch", you can "derive" a model type from an existing model type, that "almost" suits your needs (e.g. the EPC). This is the only way to get other than the standard layout tool for your custom model type.