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Download BPH from ARIS 7.2 into Solution Manager 7.1

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by Naveen Muthadi in Professional ARIS posted on 2014-12-16

Hello All,

We are trying to bring the Business Process Hierarchy (BPH) that was modeled in ARIS all last year into Solution Manager (SolMan) system to use it for other purposes (e.g. HP ALM integration).

We understand the option of defining BPH in SolMan first and then pushing it to ARIS for further modeling, however, since we are too late in the game, we would like to know if the reverse i.e. pushing BPH from ARIS into SolMan is possible?

Appreciate your thoughts and any suggestions



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Sebastien Kientz posted on 2014-12-16

Hello Naveen,

We did the same. We pushed our process repository from ARIS to SolMan, and then from SolMan to HP ALM.

But we are in ARIS 9.6. I don't know if everything is supported in ARIS 7.2.



Naveen Muthadi posted on 2014-12-16

Thank you so much for you reply Sébastien

We are planning to upgrade to 9.x soon. How much of an effort is to push the process repository from ARIS to SolMan?

Did you find documentation somewhere?


Thanks again,



Ronald de Lignie posted on 2015-01-23

Hi Naveen,

I general your requirement is possible; synchronization of the BPH is supported in ARIS 7.2. The interface SAP Solution Manager -> HP ALM is supported by SAP.