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management of database in an educationnal contexte

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by Pierre-Alain MILLET in University Relations posted on 2016-09-06


Each new academic year, i have to reinitialize environment for students...

We have a base for each student groups, and then i have to reinitialize 30 databases, deleting work of previous student, keeping examples and context...

In ARIS 7, it was possible directly on server, managing files, just copy and rename the default base in the target base, and it was OK...

Is there a simple way to do that in ARIS 9 with standard database, keeping rights of user on databases ?

for example...

existing base X with usergroup G (and no other) having rights on this base

default base B...  

the result will be the base X (same name), with the same group G having rights, but with content o f base B...

many thanks if you have a solution... !


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Knut Harms posted on 2016-09-07

With ARIS 7 we worked the same way (copy & paste).

Because of the named clients ist not possible any more.

We developed a solution.

You just fill a excel sheet with the names of the students and name the class.

After that a special script will create the user account automatic. Each class gets a separate Database with an own group for each student with decidedly grants.

If the solution seems to be the right for you, SAG will translate the manual into english language.

Please let me know.

Greets Knut

Pierre-Alain MILLET posted on 2016-09-07

thanks knut

we use LDAP to create automatically user account, with the usergroup

the database and usergroup name do not change year/year, only username in the group, but that's automatic

the issue is to reinitialize the content of each database...





Knut Harms posted on 2016-09-07

ok, understand.

Unfortunately I have no solution.

Greets, Knut

Felix Winzig posted on 2016-09-07

Hi Pam,

could you just keep a backup of your tenant and restore that tenant each term?



Pierre-Alain MILLET posted on 2016-09-07

yes !

that's the could idea...

of course, i have to do it a first time with default base... So, it'll be ok next year...   !