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ARIS Express usage scenarios

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by Richard Gilyead in ARIS Express posted on 2009-08-03

I would be interested to discuss what people feel are the likely usage scenarios for ARIS Express.

I can think of a few:

An "offline" simple modelling tool in an environment where the full ARIS product is in use

A training tool for process and systems analysts

A presentation tool

A tool for consultants to show non-ARIS clients what it can do and provide them with simple models


It would help me review the tool if I knew what usage scenarios were envisaged.

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Sebastian Stein posted on 2009-08-03

Hi Richard,

the general product description pages of ARIS Express, which would include the information you request above, are not finished yet. However, in general we see additional use-cases compared what you mention above. For example, we expect that freelancers will use the tool in their work to document client scenarios. We also expect that small companies are interested in such a tool.



Richard Gilyead posted on 2009-08-03


I think your scenario is the same as my number 4 (I am a freelance consultant).

The various scenarios will impose their own requirements and priorities.

For example, in the "offline" scenario I would like to understand how Express would fit into an ARIS change management environment. Since I can't download stuff to Express from ARIS, how do I encourage object reuse of corporate standards e.g. data entities, application names, organisation charts?

For training, it would be important for Express to behave in the same way as the full ARIS product to avoid confusion.

For presentation, it would be important to enable formatting of models e.g. titles, comments, drawing objects.

As a consultant, I would like to be able to create a coherent, consistent set of models to support an engagement (see separate threads on SOA and missing relationships).

I guess that  these different requirements need to be prioritised according to the most likely usage.

I must emphasise that I think the idea of Express is a really good one and I would like to see it be successful. I hope my comments are constructive.

Best regards,



Ivo Velitchkov posted on 2009-08-26

I started using it for quick drawing of diagrams to be used in PowerPoint and Word in cases when taking it directly from ARIS pro gives too complex view. So instead of simplifying several models I just draw a new only quickly in Express showing only the aspects I'd like to highlight. What a miss, however, is the ability to paste a bullet list an make it as process chain (EPC or VACD). I think that similar functionality is envisaged for the official release so I'm now really looking forward to it.