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ARIS PPM for students

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by Rick Driessen in University Relations posted on 2017-03-20

Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to obtain ARIS PPM as a student (I need it for my master thesis). This page (link) gives a lot of information, but no download link.



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Felix Winzig posted on 2017-03-20

Hi Rick,

You're referring to a deprecated page. Nonetheless, yes, you can gain access to free software and training material as a student!

You find our current ARIS Eductation Package (AEP) in our Download area. It includes ARIS Architect and its most popular extension packs (ARIS UML Designer (link is external) and ARIS Simulation).

Is this what you're looking for?


Rick Driessen posted on 2017-03-21

Thanks for you answer.

Partly. I'm looking for the Process Mining tools, but I can't find those in the AEP.

Felix Winzig posted on 2017-03-24

Hi Rick,

sorry for the late reply.

Unfortunately and due to little demand by students, PPM is not part of the AEP anymore.