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In ARIS it is easily possible to save the graphics of a model into a file by simply choosing from the main menu File > Export > Export as graphic...

So far we offered only EMF as output format. EMF (= Windows Enhanced Metafile) is a proprietary Microsoft format: since it is a vector graphics format it has the advantage that the created graphics scale well, i.e. it can be zoomed very large while still providing a good quality.

On the other hand, EMF is not or only partially supported on any other platform than Microsoft Windows. In addition, it provides only a limited set of features, such that for example the display of texts, transparent shades, color gradients or the 3D style of objects can only be approximated, such that the EMF graphics may not look 100% as they do in the Designer pane of ARIS.

Therefore, we extended the possible export formats by the bitmap graphic formats PNG and JPEG. They provide best matches of the graphics as they are shown in the Designer pane at the price that they may look coarse grained at high zoom values.

To create a PNG or JPEG simply append the suffix ".png" or ".jpeg" to the filename in the dialog "Export graphics":

dialog in ARIS to export model as image file

Alternatively, you can press the button in the above dialog and select the desired format in the following dialog:

dialog in ARIS to select a filename and file format for image export

Note: This article describe a feature introduced or extended with ARIS Platform 7.1 Service Release 5. See this post for links to similar articles.