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ARIS Installlation failed

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by Serbay Shentyurk in University Relations posted on 2017-10-09


I tried to setup ARIS, ı did everything well with unzip files, prompted user key and choosing server systems. 

Also ı will use ARIS with local server system.

But atfer a while the setup started, the system gave error. You can find all errors that ı tried to find solution.

ıf you can help me, ı would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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Ana Mineeva posted on 2017-10-11

I have the same problems both.

Could someone help?

Rune Becker posted on 2017-10-12

Dear Serbay,

Did you have a look into the log file %temp%\ARIS_Install.log?

The error message there should reveal more information than in the user interface of the setup.

Did you use non-ASCII characters in your installation path?


Nikita Timofeev posted on 2017-11-26

Hello! I have the same problem as in the topic. When I had a look in the log file, I saw there such line: 
"URL localhost Nummer: 10005  String:CommandResult{result=null, error=null, errors=[Error [ message="Node apparently not reachable due to some unexpected error", error code= NODE_UNREACHABLE]], warnings=[]}" 
What reasons of this could be? I need to use ARIS just for university (making course project) and use e-mail that was created by university department