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Save config for every user

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by Steve Edinger in University Relations posted on 2017-08-29



Is there any option to save the configuration for every user that logs on to the Workstation?


We have a few computerrooms and it would be bad really bad if every user has to enter the serveraddress manually.


I really appreciate any help you can provide.


Have a nice day!!


Steve Edinger

IT Administrator

Fachhochschule Kufstein Tirol GmbH

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Martin Schröder posted on 2017-08-29

Hello Steve,

you need to be more specific as to which type of client you are using.

In order to guide users to your Aris Connect server you can place a link in the Windows public desktop folder
C:\Users\Public\Desktop or the All Users' start menu folder:
C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu

For Aris Designer/Architect download client you would need a link to the download URL:
<yourserver>:<port number other than default or http>/abs/downloadClient/aris_database.jsp?configuration=ARIS&language=de-DE&tenant=default
and place it as above. Please check the URL parameters with your environment.

This can be complemented by configuring the client download on the server side in
<ARIS installation path>\server\bin\work\work_abs_m\base\webapps\abs\downloadClient\config\arisloader.cfg

# Append server name (instead of IP address) to DownloadClientPath, e.g.
# %USERPROFILE%\ARIS90\DownloadClient\<Name of ARIS Download Server>

# Default: false, passwords per server connection are stored in aris.cfg on the client
# In order to prevent storing passwords and to DELETE passwords from 
# all aris.cfg files stored earlier, set to true
# DoNotStoreConnectionPasswords=true

The last option should be useful for your pooled workstations.

The download client creates a new user connection to the originating server and tenant.

For Aris Designer/Architect Rich Client Installations you can predefine a connection name, server address and tenant in %userprofile%\ARIS90\aris.cfg  Please cf. an existing aris.cfg for the blocks:

<user type="connection_:CONNECT_0"> ... </user>
<user type="server:ARIS"> ...</user>

But in addition you would need a distribution mechanism, depending on the setup of your workstations/Windows (a Windows group policy or an Aris startup script), to copy a template aris.cfg into the user's profile only at a first start of Aris.

Hope this helps, Martin


Steve Edinger posted on 2017-08-30

Thank you for the solution!

That's everything i needed.