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Simulation of BPMN 2.0 models in ARIS 10

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by Subash A in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-09-12

Hi Everyone,

   We have few models done in BPMN 2.0, which we would like to conduct simulation experiments on. Since we are new and almost references lead us to simulation of EPC models, can someone help us with examples or reference materials for the same.





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Geoff Hook posted on 2017-09-13

Hi Subash,  what sort of help are you looking for?

the way you use simulation is pretty much identical for BPMN as it is for EPC models as I see it.

Do you have a particular business issue in mind to address with simulation or alternatively just wanting to use it to validate / test models?


Subash A posted on 2017-10-12

HI Geoff,

    Apologies for the delay in response. I was looking for some documentation/tutorial with the product itself, which would help simulate models

   In specific, though I am able to run simulation and experiments using processing time, cost rate etc,  I am having trouble to simulate processes in undertanding level with below inputs,

1. With operating resources

2. Using Additive and alternative resources

3. Overtime and schedules

3. Control effectiveness and risk mitigation

We do have license for GRC, Simulation, but no tutorials are available for the same. It would be great help, if you can point me at a direction, where I can find them.




Ralf Angeli posted on 2017-10-18

There are no tutorials for all these aspects of simulation, but there is a comprehensive help. You can access it by clicking on the question mark symbol in the top right corner of ARIS Architect or clicking on the 'ARIS' button and then selecting 'Help', then selecting 'Working with ARIS' in the web page that opens and then navigating to 'Special topics and functions > Simulation'.

Subash A posted on 2017-11-07

Hi Ralf,

   Do we have capability to simulate risks and controls for BPMN in ARIS, because I can see the risk related statistics are only for EPCs.?



Ralf Angeli posted on 2017-11-07

Simulating risks and controls is only supported in EPCs, not in BPMN diagrams.