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Cannot login to database

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by Theo Padding in ARIS Express posted on 2009-08-04

category: ARIS Express

When I try to login with UserId and password into a database I get an error. As I am using it on a laptop from work it is not possible to send a print screen. I think the problem has something to do with the network path I found in the error log. It looks like this:

vprl00083\userdata\username\ARIS Expres\...\jaas.cfg cannot be found.

The first 3 path names refer to my user home drive.

I was able to start ARIS Express, but when i tried to make a new model and try to log in I get this message (with a lot of other Java messages)

operating system used including service packs: Windows XP Service Pack 2
language of your operating system: English
Java version used: 1.6.14

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Frank Weyand posted on 2009-08-04


the fact alone that you need to log in into a database shows that the installation of Express crashed.
You can do the following:

1.) Delete all files under "c:\documents and settings\_your_user_name_\ARISExpress\"
Then, start Express again. You will need to register again with your community account.

2.) If that does not help, do step 1.) again and also deinstall Express. Do the download again. Maybe it was interrupted.