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ARIS 9.8 with local Server

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by Torben Pauls in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-07-06


i do have trouble starting ARIS 9.8 with a local server installed on a notebook.

We do have an aris design server in our windows domain, and our users working local on their workstations with a connection to that server.

Now one department needs an aris installation local on a notebook with a local database.

I installed everything according to the official documentation. (checked: install aris with local database, did not use a license zipfile during the installation, because we are handling the license management via the umc)

After the successful installation i did connect to our server once, to get a license for the notebook.

But i can not connect to the local database now.

When i start the Aris Client (Architect & Designer) i get an empty connection window. If i use Server: "localhost" User: "System" PW: "Manager" it says The connection can not be established, please check username, password and client.

With the serveradministrator i tried to connect: "server localhost:14102 (like its is written in the arisclient.cfg: absport value="14102") default system manager" but i only get asked to type in a password. (Manager does not work).

I hope someone can tell me what i'm doing wrong.




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Rune Becker posted on 2017-07-06

Dear Torben,

When installing ARIS Client with LOCAL your expectation was right. It should end with an available connection titled LOCAL when you start up ARIS Architect. Of course, if your "rental license" from your ARIS Design Server has not been properly set, or even removed, then LOCAL won't appear in the connection dialog.

To verify that your ARIS Client installation completed successfully please check for any errors in %temp%\ARIS_Install.log. With ARIS 9.8 SR6 or newer ARIS version you can get even more installation details in %temp\ARIS_Install_full.log.

For opening a support ticket on Empower please collect the log files via collectLogFiles.bat in folder C:\SoftwareAG\ARIS9.8\LOCALSERVER\support-localserver.