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Macro to auto number activity steps

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by Thomas Trammell in Reports & Macros posted on 2018-01-04

Does anyone have a script or other method to automatically number activity boxes across multiple maps? 

Is there a location to find various shared scripts somewhere online?

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Nikita Martyanov posted on 2018-01-05


What do you mean by map and activity boxes? Are they EPC Diagram and Functions? And what algorithm do you want to use for numbering functions? By coordinates (from top to bottom, from left to right) or by model graph (by connections)? is the best location to find something for ARIS.

BR, Nikita

Abhijit Das posted on 2018-01-08
Thomas Trammell posted on 2018-01-08

They are EPC row diagrams.  I have a field attribute of "Step Number" on my activities that I need to fill in sequentially in each model.  I currently have 300+ models.  I would like to go left to right and then top to bottom by swim lane row (My models are horizontal) if possible.  My only thought so far was to export them into an excel file and then drop numbers in and import back.  This is probably not the best method to do this.

Martin Schröder posted on 2018-01-10

Hello Thomas,

you would like to consider the object definition (which holds the attribute "Step Number") vs. object occurrence dilemma before trying your excel roundtrip. If you use an object attribute and an activity/function occurs in process A and is reused in process B, the same Step Number will show for both processes.

This question and a possible solution was explained here

Regards, Martin